Assessment Center

Once qualified applicants have been found or internal high potentials have been identified, our customers are faced with the task of obtaining a differentiated picture of their skills and development capacity. The aim is to achieve a high hit rate when filling vacancies - in the interests of the company and in the interests of the applicant or employee. We help our customers to secure their decisions with practice-related procedures.

In our assessment centers, relevant company requirements are simulated in practical tasks that the employee or applicant works on and presents to an assessor panel. Decision-makers experience concrete behaviour - for example in the context of a project task, an employee or customer meeting, a specialist presentation or in professional interviews. This provides a basis for well-founded hiring decisions and, if necessary, development planning.

The competence check is carried out in a personal meeting by two experienced experts from purchasing and HR diagnostics. The basis is the TALENT-net competence model, which includes professional and personal competences and is continuously adapted to new requirements.

In order to gain a comprehensive impression of a person, one should ideally not only rely on the foreign image, but also include the self-image. We use the scientifically recognised online test "Business-Focused Inventory of Personality". In BIP, participants present their views on a large number of job-related statements, which are summarised in the comprehensive evaluation of personality traits and job-related competences.

Contact Person:

Dr. Hugo Eckseler

Regina Remy