We accompany executives in procurement, logistics and supply chain through restructuring measures, difficult leadership situations and in improving their personal organisation at work. The objective of coaching is to develop the skills of employees target-oriented and to empower them to fulfill their tasks professionally and with adequate social skills.    

In our assignments, we see ourselves as sparring partners who methodically shape the process of diagnosis and analysis in consultation with the coached individuals. Based on the international leadership experience of our TALENT-net partners, we readily understand the professional situation, arrive at situation-appropriate solutions together with the coached individuals and guarantee a transfer of knowledge.  

Activate the potential of your employees through effective customised coaching.

Contact Person:

Dr. Hugo Eckseler

"The coaching has decisively helped me to adapt to my new leadership tasks. Today I have a clear understanding of how my organisation and my own role should look like. Furthermore I know which changes are necessary in my professional life and for me personally."

- Executive in a logistics concern