Executive Search

We bring people and organizations together. 

We provide long-term support to our customers in filling specialist and executive positions in procurement, logistics and supply chain. During the placement process we are in close contact with our customers in order to match the candidate profile with the job requirements, the work environment and the company culture as precisely as possible.

In searching for candidates, the personal network of our partners, acquired over many years in business, plays an important role as well as the use of our database, modern internet media and active telephone sourcing. 

We conduct extensive personal interviews with each of our applicants. In this process, we rely on our professional expertise as well as approved diagnostic interview techniques.

Furthermore, we see ourselves as an "ear to the market" of our customers. We support regarding the positioning in the applicant market and help to shape recruiting strategies even more target-oriented.

Because time is money:
Prompt and effective introduction of qualified candidates.

Contact Person:

Dr. Hugo Eckseler