Female TALENT Flash

It is not only since the introduction of "quotas" that the topic of women in executive positions been a challenging task in many companies.  

In order to understand cultural change, it is not enough to place qualified women in top executive positions. It is equally important to develop succession plans for women in specialised fields and lower executive positions.

In traditionally "male-dominated" positions such as logistics and the supply chain, fulfilling these demands is difficult for many companies. 

In the process, we assist our customers with our Female TALENT Flash: a compilation of selected top female candidates who are looking for change and have been thoroughly chosen by our partners.

Top female candidates from procurement, logistics and supply chain – individually selected for you.

Contact Person:

Jana Baughman

"We do not only want to meet our quota. We want to benefit from more diversity in our team. The Female TALENT Flash has provided us with two new female employees who have enhanced our team enormously."

Human resources representative in the automotive branch