Online Interviews

Paper is patient - as an old saying goes. Even if a candidate's qualifications are absolutely convincing in his CV and certificates, it is often the chemistry between applicant and manager that decides the recruitment process.

With our interviews via video conference we offer our clients the opportunity to gain an authentic first impression of the candidate in scope. In a 30-min structured presentation the applicant provides an overview of his personal and professional career, his successes and failures, his motivation to change and his professional goals. This is followed by an in-depth Q&A session. 

The overall video interview lasts about 60 minutes and is organized by TALENT-net. All you need is a computer with camera and internet connection.

This new service is already being used by many of our customers. It enables an early and well-founded initial assessment and saves time and money - on both sides.

Gain a better first impression and save time during the recruiting process.

Contact Person:

Jana Baughman