Logistics 4.0 Competence Check

Today more than ever, efficient logistics is a critical success factor for companies. Customers expect ever shorter reaction and delivery times. Global, multi-stage supply chains increase the complexity and the risk of supply bottlenecks. In addition, cost pressure and working capital optimization continue to increase. This requires efficient and flexible processes, smart technical solutions and IT systems. As well as transparency - from supplier to customer.

Digitalisation and innovative technologies offer almost inexhaustible new opportunities. In order to find the right solutions for one's own company, a thorough assessment must be made at the beginning of the transformation process:

  • What are our most urgent fields of action?
  • How future-oriented are our structure and processes?
  • How well trained is our team?
  • How do we create a future-oriented logistics strategy that meets new challenges?

We support you in answering these questions, going through the assessment and determining the maturity level of your logistics regarding "Logistics 4.0". In a two-day workshop, we record and evaluate the status of your logistics in eight dimensions and identify the essential fields of action. These results are used as the basis for the development of your logistics strategy and your individual roadmap to efficient logistics tailored to the requirements of your company.

Professionally strengthen structure and processes in your logistics 4.0 with TALENT-net.

Contact Person:

Jens Schuemann