Procurement 4.0 Check by Fraunhofer IML

The digitalization of procurement creates new possibilities - for those who know how to use them.

Technological solutions such as Smart Contracts, Blockchain or Predictive Analytics software support fast and secure processes, make events more predictable and enable the purchaser to minimize risks. Operational processes can run almost autonomously.

For many Procurement departments, the rapid development of the market presents an enormous challenge:

  • How elaborate is our digitalization strategy?
  • What are our most urgent fields of action?
  • How prepared is our team?
  • And what have others implemented successfully?

Together with our cooperation partner, Fraunhofer IML and the app-based Procurement 4.0 Check, we support our customers in answering these questions and in determining their degree of maturity on the way to Procurement 4.0.

In a one-day workshop, qualitative and quantitative success factors will be evaluated and the main areas of action in relation to Procurement 4.0 will be identified with the help of a gap analysis. The benchmarking function provides further inspiration from other companies and industries.

The result of the Fraunhofer Procurement 4.0 Check helps companies to develop their individual digitalization strategy. Participants learn which factors from different areas such as technology, process organization or management are relevant for their company and which "quick wins" can be implemented immediately.

Together with the Fraunhofer Institute, we offer our customers the app-based Procurement 4.0 Check at an attractive fixed price.

Optimize your digitalization strategy and make your procurement department ready for 4.0.

Contact Person:

Dr. Hugo Eckseler